She was in the uniform of the officer ranks of the starship marines. They all stood. She had red hair and beautiful eyes that were almost violet. She filled the uniform to the approval of all the men in the room with a beating heart. “Captain, this is Commandeer Samantha Stark of Military Intelligence and a fair starship pilot I must add.” She spoke." Please be seated Gentlemen.” She sat next to Cisco. The General began. “Captain as you probably know the universe is vast and can be dangerous. Inter -stellar pirates in star cruisers have plagued shipping, robbing ships of valuable cargo and disappearing in the either.” These ships are well armed, sophisticated and fast.” They have been chased for tens of years to the farthest points of the known universe , only to vanish. No warship can get close enough to follow them.” “The Commander was pilot of a Cyrus Warship and came closest to one. She opened fire and the pirates had pretty good shields.” She kept up to them as they past the Star field Andromeda, where they vanished again.” “This is where you come in Captain." No one pays attention to a Junker; even pirates.” The two cannons used to obliterate  space junk would not even tickle a pirate ship.” Cisco saw where this was going. “ We have a hand picked crew, including yourself and the commander on a top of the line Junker with certain improvements to go to the Andromeda system and gather information on the pirates; see if you can find their base.” “If the pirates get nervous and come after you , land on a planet and the Junker will have speedy land vehicles and weapons in its hull to protect yourselves with.” The General told him. You will go with the commander by starship to the planet Kryon where you will meet three other crew members. “ “ You will be taken to the refitted Junker ‘ Python’ .” “The Commander will be your co-pilot and navigator.” “Remember we need these pirates tracked to their bases.” “We will have a top secret channel to contact the federation intelligence which will have your orders when you make contact.” Cisco asked how long the tour would be. “At least 9 months Captain and this mission will help your record and assure you a command of your choosing.” “will we be issued side arms?” Junkers were never issued them. The admiral told him yes. He was told they would depart in a week and would be fully given a background of the mission in that time. The Admiral shook the commanders and Captains hands. They were allowed to go.

In the elevator the commander spoke. “ It is alight to call me Sam, Captain.” “ We will be on board the Junker for our mission maybe a year.” He told her to call him Cisco. They shook hands. She went on as the elevator descended. “I know of the other three crew members.” “One is an alien being from planet Zara in the Andromeda system.” “He is called Zorn.” Cisco had known several alien beings and had mixed feelings on their trustworthiness. .”Zorn has the ability to converse in any language he encounters and is a likable presence.” Cisco asked “And the others?” "

 I am not familiar with one of them, one is Sergeant Striker an expert on weapons and strategic locations of them on the field. “ The other is in intelligence as I and should not be trusted.” “ Stephanie Clarkson

is an interrogator who likes her job too much I hear.” “But I guess its the results of her interrogation methods which I call torture gets results. Outside she waved as she got into a air glider taxi. That week Cisco saw the sights in the dome city. He kept away from the pleasure palaces as it was frowned upon by the Federation. Then two days before he was to get on board a launch to go to the orbiting starship, he decided to go to the Den a much talked about meeting place for single men and woman They served the stimulating Paramour drink, an intoxicating drink that dulled inhibitions. As it was summer in the dome he wore running pants and a t-shirt that showed off his muscles. He took an glider taxi to the den. It was made to look like a cave. Inside he paid a thin piece of gold as a cover charge. This gold coin was known as a pinch. the ceiling was dimly lit with glow balls a synthetic lighting which made from phosphorous minerals mined on Mars. They came in many colors. Most used in the den were light red. There was a booth where they asked for my shoes as the floor was made from Martian dust . As I entered I admired the tapestries. Men , woman and a couple of alien beings from a distant star were laughing by the juice bar.Then I saw her. Sam in an outfit that was sure  not military standing near some hanging vases. I called over." Sam!” She looked and smiled. I walked over and tried not to stare at her figure, but I found that impossible. She hugged me." Good to see you again Cisco.” I asked if she was with anyone. She said she was. She laughed. Guess who arrived last night on a star fighter?” I shrugged. She said “Zorn, he got in contact with me through the General.” I asked him to join me here.” Over in the darkened corner of the den waved the strangest creature, naked as it came in existence. Zorn ambled over/ “ How do you do!” it said in a baritone voice with a twang . It held out a three finger hand. Cisco shook it , finding it remarkably soft. Sam suggested they find a table.
They found a luminous blue table with three chairs. a bowl had a small phosphorous orb that emitted a dim blue aura that matched the table and chairs. A women with green hair came over. Sam asked Zorn. “Want some Paramour Zorn ?” it nodded and a snake like tongue smacked it’s lips. She ordered a bowl and the small plastic vessels used to scoop the liquid from the bowl. She told Cisco that Zorn and herself had been on three missions for  the   Federation. “Zorn is one of the most peaceful creatures I have ever met.” Cisco asked Zorn what his voice sounded like in its natural form. Sam told Zorn no. She explained. “Zorn's natural voice would break your eardrums with it’s pitch and maybe the table.” Zorn held it’s stomach in a true belly laugh. The Paramour came and the vessels were filled. Cisco asked if Zorn was a male or female." No offense Zorn!” Sam said." My friend Zorn is the male species of his kind, they reproduce through pores in their skin when they hug.” Zorn laughed again. “I met Zorn on my first spy mission.” “ The Federation had three in their employ.” He is awesome when